VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As the world watches events unfold in Ukraine, another political flashpoint is developing in Venezuela.
Students have held protests in various cities in Venezuela over the last couple of weeks. At least five have been killed and about a hundred have been detained.
Ex-pats held a protest of their own in Vancouver Saturday.
Laura Aveledo of Stand Up Venezuela says conditions in the South American country have been poor for the last decade, but the repression of its citizens and food shortages have worsened in the last few months.
She believes it’s a sign the government is mismanaging the currency.
“There are shortages of basic staples, like oil, toilet paper, and flour, not to mention food like chicken.”
Plus she says people are getting fed up with the level of crime.
“We’re talking about a very, very violent country. One of the most violent in the entire world.”
She points out unlike coverage of the situation in Ukraine, TV footage of the violence has been restricted.
“People are dying every day. In Kiev, you see the TV reports. There are tallies. In Venezuela, you don’t get that.”
Stand Up Venezuela is not calling for a regime change, but they want weapons seized from armed civilian groups, known as collectivos in Venezuela, and justice for detained students.